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Here at LHF we strive to reduce any waste and plastics that enter the consumer realm. We have many practices and procedures that help us to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impacts, and that includes finding ways to reduce and improve our packaging. As a farm, and produce retailer, we have to balance both quality of product and how to deliver that product in a way that can extend its shelf life and deliver a quality product to the end consumer. Fresh produce, as soon as it's harvested, has a strict level of quality and environmental control to keep it from spoiling quickly. This is different for all types of fruits and vegetables, some having a shorter shelf-life than others. Some of the things that can reduce the shelf life of a product include: temperature changes and extremes, humidity and moisture, physical damage, ethylene or other natural environmental exposures, microbial or other fungal growth and more. One way to better control, and extend shelf life of a product is by selecting the proper packaging to deliver a product in based on its biological make-up. Some of the benefits of extending shelf life include: better quality product, fewer rejected deliveries, less food loss and waste, increased margins, and maintaining a good brand reputation/happier customers. 

At LHF we use a variety of different packaging materials to reduce the amount of packaging needed and tailor it to the specific needs of our products. We are always evolving and thinking of ways to reduce the amount of packaging needed to deliver a fresh high-quality product. 

As we, and many other farms who grow fresh greens know, they can particularly tricky as they have a much shorter shelf life than other vegetables. We package all of our greens, shoots and microgreens in 100% post-consumer recycled plastic clamshells that are distributed to our retail stores. Because they do not have a long shelf life, we are able to significantly extend it when using the proper packaging. In addition to clamshells, we use a product size-specific post consumer recycled plastic bags that provide an air tight seal to maintain the quality of the variety of greens we sell.


Other Lakeview Hill products may be packaged in:

  • Recyclable pulp container pints

  • Recyclable pulp container quarts

  • Recyclable post-consumer recycled plastic tomato pints

  • Reusable post-consumer recycled mesh-bags 

  • Recyclable post-consumer recycled brown bags

  • Reusable wax boxes

  • Reusable cardboard boxes

All of our products are packed following specific sizing and customer requirements to reduce the amount of plastics and other packaging being used. Additionally we use the proper packaging for each product to keep produce clean and safe to consume. We are committed to using recyclable packaging, and all of our clamshells are made with 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. ​As the farm continues to grow, we continue to focus on the most environmentally friendly and eco-focused options we can. 

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