Our Commitment to Renewable Energy

Since the beginning, the farm has made a commitment to utilize renewable energy. With agriculture being one of the largest consumers of fossil fuels, it is extremely important to lead the way, not only with practices that help sustain the environment, but also are financially beneficial to the business.

The farm and homestead are 100% solar powered. The homestead and greenhouses on the farm are heated by a high efficiency gasification wood boiler system with wood collected from the farm. These energy systems allow for extending the growing season significantly without having a harmful impact on the environment.

Meet the Farmers 

John and Bailey are two young farmers that met traveling in South America and quickly discovered their shared passions for good food, community, and traveling! Their love for northern Michigan and passion for farming has drawn them back to Traverse City where they've been working hard to build their homestead and farm together. After acquiring land in Leelanau county in 2017, they started building the farm from the ground up. 

When not on the farm, Bailey works for at MI Farm Coop, a farmer-owned cooperative in northern Michigan.  She feels deeply connected in the northern Michigan community and strives to grow a strong, resilient local food community for future generations to come. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Business and a background in Event Management. She loves planning community events and bringing people together around local food. When not at work, Bailey enjoys hiking in beautiful northern Michigan, traveling to new countries, and cooking local foods with friends!

John grew up on the other side of the big lake in Wisconsin.  He developed his passion as a child for gardening, working outside, and manual labor.  He has a Master's Degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Montana and a Bacelor's Degree in Sustainable and Organic Horticulture from Michigan State University.  John began his farming career when he founded Spirit of Walloon Market Garden in 2013 in Boyne City, MI.  He has since transitioned out of ownership of Spirit of Walloon, the farm is now solely owned by Rachel Cross.  When not on the farm John can be found relaxing with friends and family or enjoying a beer on the beach!